The 11 touristic routes offered by the Ecuadorian Railway are Festive Machachi, Route to Boliche, Infinite Moors, Volcano Trail, Nariz del Diablo, Liberty Train, Terraces Trail, Inca Baths, Ice Train, Ancestors Trail, and Sweet Train. All of these trips take one day, including the return to the point of departure. The exclusive service on the Cruise Train covers nearly all these stretches. It is definitely the best and most complete way to experience an adventure along Ecuadorian railways.

The sound of the old railroad machinery, the steam whistle announcing its arrival at the stations and the experience on board these well-preserved patrimonial vehicles, provide an enriching adventure reminiscent of the splendor of times long gone, in addition to the natural charms of the Ecuadorian landscape: spectacular mountains, lush plains, national parks, rivers, lakes and winding roads, as well as stays in traditional haciendas, visits to indigenous markets, communities, museums and contact with the cultures of the Andes and Pacific Coast. It is a journey through time and across the natural beauty of Ecuador.

The Ecuadorian Railway currently offers 11 routes, each of which take one day. The luxury service, known as Cruise Train, covers nearly all of these itineraries, providing a comprehensive and unique experience. The train stations are equipped with cafe service, souvenir shops selling handicrafts related to the route, squares where local products are sold, museums that evidence the history, functioning and importance of the railway, and accommodation for visitors.

The journey can be taken from Quito to Guayaquil or vice versa. Both cities (the two most important cities in Ecuador) offer a myriad of tourist activities and are located near other destinations you will not want to miss. All you need is Ecuador.

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