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13 larger islands, 5 medium islands, and 215 islets form the archipelago. For its climate and position on the Equator, the Islands can be visited all year around.

For history and for convenience, the traditional way to visit the Galapagos Islands has been by boat or yacht, including an itinerary that explores the national park in different and distant geographical points.

While this method is very attractive, we should not rule out another that started in the early 80s and I reached significant popularity in the 90s: visiting programs from a hotel. There are many visitors who know the human reality of Galapagos, hich borders a population of 28,000 inhabitants, spread over four islands: Santa Cruz (the most populated and most commercial one), San Cristobal (the provincial capital), Isabela (the largest one), and Floreana (the smallest one). In this list we do not include Baltra because it is a military base and the island where the airport operates.

This BEnExpert would provide valuable information to have a precise idea of what it means to visit and enjoy the Galapagos Islands in different travel styles.

Profile Presenters

Dominic Hamilton

Dominic Hamilton

English Host

Deputy Minister for Promotion, Dominic Hamilton, first fell in love with the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador when writing a guidebook to the country in 2001. He has since returned innumerable times, as a journalist, tour leader for UK operators, communications manager for the cruise operator and hotel owner Metropolitan Touring and as editor of the travel magazine Ñan. He will share his knowledge and passion for this amazing archipelago during the Webinar, imparting the tips and insider information he has built up over the years.

Roberto Alonso-Rodhe

Roberto Alonso-Rodhe

German Host

Tour guide for recognized tour operators with a vast experience on the different destinations that make Ecuador.

Specialized in managing and promotion of touristic destinations with professional background and specialization courses.

He is knowledgeable in Ecuador's 24 provinces and speaks German, Spanish and English fluently.


Cristian Martinez

Cristian Martinez

Presenter in Portuguese

Adventurer since birth, ecotourist by vocation and passionate promoter of Ecuador destination. For more than five years as a guide for national tourism and adventure have been able to show the diversity of attractions and activities that can be experienced in Ecuador.

Since 2011 I had the opportunity, from the Ministry of Tourism, to promote Ecuador for Latin America with emphasis on Brazil. Through the development of press trips, famtrips, celebrity trips, strategic alliances with the tourist industry, trainings, participation in international tourism fairs and other actions that have allowed Ecuador in place of travel options for the Brazilians.

Today, focused on local development and sustainable tourism projects from the Presidency of the Republic coordinating together with an excellent team, that the activities developed by the President in the country, to integrate and promote the practice of activities tourist and sustainable.

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