By simply walking down the street of the Seven Crosses (Garcia Moreno) and getting lost for a few hours, travelers will be fascinated by the hidden treasures of the capital city of Ecuador. Most buildings and houses that are still standing go back to the days of the early Republic (and some of the Spanish colony). It is easy to go back in time and imagine life centuries ago, in the alleys that enclose the living heritage of Quito: city of balconies, geraniums and colors.


This is the capital closest to the sun in its 2,850 meters above sea level (9350 feet) and it is the only place where you can put one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and the other in the Southern Hemisphere. You will be able to stand on the Equator, at the 0°0'0'' point. Its privileged location gives Quito a handful of virtues that are evident in its climate and natural wealth.


Several reasons make Quito one of the Leader Destinations of South America and one of the Best Destinations to Discover in the world, according to National Geographic Traveler Magazine and TripAdvisor.  



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