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It will present delicious and exotic chocolate bars and the sensational flavors that one can taste on the chocolate routes in the Amazon and Pacific Coast. It will also talk about chocolate experts, production and places where chocolate is sold and a bit of history and important facts about cocoa.

The webinar will be held on November 24 and 25. It will be produced in five languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and German. We invite tour operators, journalists and travel agents to get useful information and accurate data about the ways to learn about Ecuador through chocolate.


Profile Presenters

Dominic Hamilton

Dominic Hamilton

English Host

Deputy Minister for Promotion, Dominic Hamilton, first fell in love with the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador when writing a guidebook to the country in 2001. He has since returned innumerable times, as a journalist, tour leader for UK operators, communications manager for the cruise operator and hotel owner Metropolitan Touring and as editor of the travel magazine Ñan. He will share his knowledge and passion for this amazing archipelago during the Webinar, imparting the tips and insider information he has built up over the years.

Roberto Alonso-Rohde

Roberto Alonso-Rohde

German Host

Tour guide for recognized tour operators with a vast experience on the different destinations that make Ecuador.

Specialized in managing and promotion of touristic destinations with professional background and specialization courses.

He is knowledgeable in Ecuador's 24 provinces and speaks German, Spanish and English fluently.


Paúl Salazar (FR/PT)

Paúl Salazar

Presenter in French and Portuguese


He knows very well the country. It is a nature and outdoor events lover. He is also an amateur climber and photographer.


It is a national and naturalist guide. He has experience leading French and Brazilian tourist groups for more than 20 years in mainland Ecuador and Galapagos.

At the present time he is in charge of two companies that handle the transport and adventure tourism travel through the four worlds of Ecuador: Andes, Amazon, Pacific Coast and Galapagos.

He also loves to participate in international fairs in which Ecuador participates, representing the country and promoting the unique tourist destinations that Ecuador has.

Pedro Delgado Hansen

Pedro Delgado Hansen

Spanish Host

Pedro Delgado Hansen is CEO and Partner of ChocoArt Personalized Chocolate, a company that creates true works of art with chocolate. They produce chocolate figures, sculptures and "objects".
Peter Hanssen is Norwegian-Ecuadorian. He graduated (Magna Cum Laude) from Bentley University in Boston. His career was Managerial Economics with specialization in International Business. He is also Treasurer and Co-Founder of the Ecuadorian Association of Chocolatiers and co-founder of TruEnergy, Bambar and Quipu Pallay



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