Cyril and his Chocolate Gallery

A French chef creates sculptures and sells them at his boutique in Quito.

Cyril Prudhomme is a chocolate artist. He sizes, shapes and invents. His boutique, in northern Quito, is a gallery that shelters angels and demons, pre-Colombian, anthropomorphic beings, monoliths and masks. Each piece of chocolate, says the French chef, is a different taste experience. It all depends on what you want to experience, and Cyril’s Boutique has a broad variety of options: truffles scented with saffron and oak honey, chocolates with Tasmanian ginger and pepper, chocolates with lemon peels, hazelnuts, pistachios... “You must be curious enough to try everything and compare”, advises the chef who grew up in Paris, France, surrounded by the desserts his grandmothers and mother taught him to prepare. In addition to playing chef, as a child Cyril marveled at the magic of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

“I only wanted them to read me that story and no other,” he recalls.

Now, he invents his own chocolate world. He studied at the Ferrandi School of French Cuisine in Paris and was a chocolatier at Maison du Chocolat.

Currently, Cyril promotes the craft in Ecuador, but believes there is a long way to go. He teaches at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, and in 2011 he created the Chocolate Academy, a project that promotes research and the integration of the nation’s chocolate lovers. He consumes at least 150 grams of chocolate daily, equivalent to a bar and a half. He talks about his craft like someone who has mastered the technique.

His chocolate shop is innovating all the time and there is one for each season. “We do not want a boring business, where nothing moves in years, both for those working here and for the customers. We like to renew.”

In 2015, the book Chocolat by Cyril was published, which is a kind of guide to chocolate, and includes recipes for pure chocolate, hot chocolates (like the Mayan and the Aztec) and chocolate cake, among others. For more information visit

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