Where to buy Ecuadorian chocolate

Below is a list of some of the stores that specialize in chocolate and are located in Quito. Each will delight your senses.

Cacao & Cacao: Here you will find all the Ecuadorian chocolate brands in various presentations, including bars, cocoa powder, cacao beans, bonbons and truffles. Also, you can taste some of the products of the menu, such as hot chocolate with ice cream.
There is also a line of chocolate spa products: soap, moisturizing cream, and exfoliating products.
Location: • Juan León Mera and Roca, Quito www.facebook.com/CacaoYCacao

Galería Ecuador: This store has several chocolate brands manufactured by local producers, made especially with organic cacao. They recently opened a specialty store in the Historic Center, under the Cathedral, together with Pacari and Galleti (a coffee brand). They also offer a broad range of products at the coffee shop.
Location: • Venezuela and Espejo / Reina Victoria and Lizardo García, Quito. www.galeriaecuador.com

República del Cacao Boutique: These stores offer all the products of República de Cacao, and also a sitting area where you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate together with any of their delicious desserts.
Location: • Reina Victoria and Joaquín Pinto, Quito. • Morales and Guayaquil, La Ronda, Quito. • Plaza de las Américas, Quito. • Airports of Guayaquil, Cuenca and in Lima and Cusco (Perú) and Bogotá (Colombia). www.republicadelcacao.com

Kallari Chocolate Café: Although this store, opened in 2004, mainly has Kallari products, it also offers other Ecuadorian chocolate bars made by community manufacturers. They also offer various breakfast, lunch and cultural dinner menu items.
The place is also owned by Kichwa communities.
Location: • Wilson y Juan León Mera (at La Mariscal, in the northern area of Quito). www.kallari.com


The different stores devoted to cacao and other organic products we find in Ecuador offer a unique experience where all our senses are touched. Get to know the delicious flavor and textures that cacao honors us with in its different presentations. Some offer specialized sampling upon prior reservation.

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