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The pleasure of tasting chocolate is irresistible. Its aroma seduces; its flavor makes us flip. A piece of this delicacy on your tongue may arouse all your senses, and even those of an entire village, as happened in the French film Chocolat: an expert chocolatier opens a store, La Chocolaterie Maya, in a small conservative town during lent season; its inhabitants are willing to skip their fasting and lose their heads for a piece of their favorite chocolate.

Production of chocolate bars has grown in leaps and bounds in Ecuador over the last years. There are different varieties to delight every palate: bitter, fruity or sweet.

Check out our guide to some of the best bars to look out for.


This is one of the most famous Ecuadorian chocolate brands on the world today. Some of their raw material comes from the organic cacao from the Santa Rita community, Archidona (Napo). This brand hosts chocolate samplings to savor their varieties. They produce pure, single-origin dark chocolate as well as flavored bars such as lemon verbena, lemongrass, coarse grained salt, chili, rose petals, among others.
Recognitions: 107 local and international awards, including Gold Medal at the International Chocolate Awards from 2012 to 2015.


This brand offers dark, 55%; and milk chocolate, 77% cacao. It is classified by the raw material’s province of origin: Manabi (balanced, neither bitter nor sour,) Los Ríos (intense from the first bite) and Esmeraldas (spicy and floral). Their line of milk chocolate bars come with coffee, passion fruit, milk and macadamia.
Recognitions: The Esmeraldas 77% bar received the “La Gran Barra Dorada” prize at the Ecuador Chocolate Awards.


This brand is manufactured with cacao grown by native families of Napo Province in the Amazon.This bar has been in chocolate shops around the world since 2008. They offer two lines of chocolate: Gourmet and Artisan, with 10 varieties that strengthen their flavor from 60% to 85% cacao.
Recognitions: Forbes Magazine ranked Kallari among the world’s best chocolate bars. They were awarded with three silver medals at the Los Angeles Luxury Chocolate Salon.


The chocolate boxes illustrate the history of Cacao Arriba. These bars are manufactured with raw material from the provinces of Los Ríos, El Oro,and Manabí, and they are known for the exotic filling. República del Cacao has specialty stores in Peru, Colombia and, of course, Ecuador.
Recognitions: They received several prizes at the Ecuador Chocolate Awards. Additionally, the GAYOT.COM gourmet product portal chose it as one of the world’s 10 best chocolate bars.


They offer dark chocolate bars produced with Fine Aroma Cacao. The purest and most powerful of their bars contains 100% cacao; and percentages starting from 58% cacao for those who prefer a less bitter chocolate.
Recognitions: They have won several medals at the Ecuador Chocolate Awards.The German web site specialized in chocolate has placed this brand among the world’s best chocolates.


This brand was inspired by Ecuadorian Valdivia culture. Its dark chocolate bar is manufactured with Fine Aroma Cacao. Each chocolate bar represents a Valdivia Venus statuette. They offer bars with different organic cacao percentages.
Recognitions: This brand was awarded with the Silver Bar at the Ecuador Chocolate Awards.


This is a company of community entrepreneurs from Salinas, Guaranda, whose initial start was given by Antonio Polo, Salesian priest and educator born in Italy. They produce chocolates filled with Pájaro Azul, a typical local beverage. They also manufacture truffles, dark 75% cacao fondant chocolate, peanut bars, and other products.


This chocolate bar is produced with organic cacao which is grown in areas where forests were previously destroyed.This is an artisan product manufactured at Mashpi agroecological farm, located 500 meters above sea level, at the foothills of the Andean range. They offer bars with different cacao percentages, combined with native exotic and endemic fruits from the Ecuadorian Chocó.

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