Ecuador is globally recognized as a surf destination based on its beaches with wave heights for all levels. Proof of this is that several world championships have taken place here. The ocean’s warm temperature on the Ecuadorian Coast creates waves that are ideal for surf competitions at the world level.

Montañita.- This is definitely surf capital in Ecuador and one of the finest beaches in all of the Pacific Coast. With great waves and a multicultural environment, this is the best site for sport’s lovers. Difficulty: High. Season: Year-round.

Canoa.- This town is primarily known for its bohemian and warm environment. Canoa has a great beach, ideal for surfing, but it is also possible to partake in other activities such as paragliding, water skiing and much more. Difficulty: Medium. Season: February - April.

San Cristóbal.- Located on the Galápagos, this island is considered an excellent site to practice the sport. The favorite place for surfers is Punta Carola, whose main characteristic are its great waves. Difficulty: Medium. Season recommended: Yearround (although best from December to April).

The best waves are found in: Montañita - Canoa - San Cristóbal - La Chocolatera

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