Ecuador is one of the best destinations in the world for underwater exploration, since the beauty of the entire South Pacific is concentrated in its colorful marine fauna, submarine cliffs, corals and much more. The Marine Reserve of the Galápagos, the National Park of Machalilla and the Pacific Coast offer the most unique landscapes in the world.

La Plata Island.- Located within the National Park of Machalilla, it boasts some of the best diving destinations. The island’s underwater world offers a collection of majestic scenarios of the South Pacific. Difficulty: Medium. Season: Year-round.

Galápagos - León Dormido.- The Sleeping Lion is one of the most famous diving destinations in the world. Under this gigantic rock we find sharks and other fish swimming around with divers. Difficulty: Medium. Low Season: June –December.

Cuicocha Lake.- This lake is located at an altitude of 3063 masl, in Imbabura province, where diving is one of the most interesting activities in the Andes. Since this lake used to be an ancient volcanic crater, its underwater scenarios are unique. Difficulty: Medium - High. Season recommended: Year-round.

INFO: The Marine Reserve of the Galápagos is one of the largest in the world and offers dozens of sites for diving; it has been categorized as one of the best sites for diving in the entire planet, due to its amazing fauna and its spectacular marine scenarios.

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