The Ecuadorian Andes have an amazing geography, with different scenarios and excellent weather all year round. Depending on the altitude, this activity can be practiced either in the moorlands or jungles. There are numerous sites to climb in Ecuador, and below are some of the best.

Cojitambo.- This is the largest rock-climbing park of the country, with approximately 200 routes for beginners, intermediate and advanced rock climbers. The eastern flank of the mountain has walls of up to 160 meters in height. Difficulty: Medium. Season: Year-round.

Cajas.- With 30 rock climbing routes that vary from traditional to sports-oriented, this rock is located in a privileged sector close to the city of Cuenca, the National Park of Cajas, celebrated for its majestic Andean landscapes. Difficulty: Medium. Season: Year-round.

Sigsipamba.- The Machuco cliff has approximately 30 rock climbing routes varying in difficulty, and these can be reached using different rock climbing styles such as lead and ‘tope rope’. The wall is located an hour and a half from Quito. Difficulty: Medium-high. Season: Year-round.

TIPS: To be able to participate in this activity, it is recommended to have prior knowledge and to be in good physical condition. There are authorized tour operators that can recommend sites based on the tourists’ profile and interest.

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