It is difficult for bikers to decide which route to take given the alluring views that go from the Andes to the coast or to the Amazon region, or the road that crosses the coast line of the South Pacific, with miles of lovely beaches that enjoy great weather year round. Regardless of what you are looking for, Ecuador offers hundreds of routes to be discovered.

Yahuarcocha - El Chota.- This route provides access to different Ecuadorian cultures, such as the Afro-descendants. It passes through different climates that go from temperate to dry tropical. Difficulty: Medium - High Season: Year-round.

Baños - Puyo.- A succession of cascades that run through this zone is the first thing to be seen when you start this 54 kilometer tour that leads to the tropical landscapes of the Amazon Region.
Bikers need to be cautions as this route is also used by automobiles. Difficulty: Low. Season: Year-round.

Pedernales - Bahía.- Beach route that offers a scenic view of the Pacific Coast and travels through approximately 150 kilometers covering various beaches. Degree of Difficulty: Low. Season: Year-round.

“Pleasant climate, great mountains, friendly people and easy access to the incredible network of routes, makes Ecuador an excellent international destination to be explored on a bicycle”.
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