The Manatee Amazon Explorer Cruise combines an adventurous ride down the Amazon River, whilst guaranteeing safety and enjoyment. On the boat there is a dining room, a lounge, a bar, and comfortable cabins. By canoe, visitors can explore areas of the jungle difficult to reach, with guides who have extensive knowledge of the area.

The itineraries offered allow the visitor to closely observe the flora and fauna of the jungle, along with the indigenous communities. Visitors can also visit the Yasuni National Park, Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and Pañacocha blackwater lagoon.

The five-star floating Anakonda hotel navigates through the rivers of the Ecuadorean Amazon, creating minimal environmental impact. It has 18 suites adapted perfectly for enjoying a comfortable ride through the jungle. There is a spacious observation deck, outdoor Jacuzzi, and a dining room and bar.

With the help of the guides, visitors can plan and enjoy a fastastic outing: boating, kayaking and shore excursions are some of the activities visitors can do during their stay. Aboard the Anakonda, it is possible to visit the Yasuni National Park and Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Visitors can also taste some local and international dishes.

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