The emotions that Ecuador can inspire are the creative core of the second stage of the international campaign "All You Need is Ecuador", promoted by the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador. This time, the focus will be on promoting the country as a tourist destination for non-traditional strategic market segments.




Quito, (14/09/2015) On Monday, seismic events continue and a slight tremor signal can be resgistered, which is associated with the steam and gas emission with light ash content, in west direction, reaching a height of 200 meters above the crater. No rains were reported in the sector and the ash in the atmosphere could be due to the accumulation of previous days, additional to which currently falls, that may or has been resuspended by wind.




Quito, (10/09/2015) From 23:00 on this Wednesday, the size of the tremor decreased. However, a constant emission of gas remains with low content of volcanic dust, which reached 100 meters above the crater. At night, through satellite images, it was found that the ash plume took west direction. No rain or ash fall were reported in nearby towns, but the wind removes volcanic dust accumulated in the vegetation, this could reduce visibility to those circulating in the affected areas.




Quito, (09/09/2015) In the last 12 hours, tremor signals persisted. In the morning it was possible to observe a steam, gas and ash emission that reached 200 meters above the crater, with west and northwest direction. During the night, through satellite images, it was noted that the ash plume remained the same direction. There have been no rains in the nearby towns.




Quito, (08/09/2015) In the last 12 hours, the volcano showed a decrease in the tremor, which manifests itself on the surface with steam, gas and ash emissions with heights below 100 meters above the crater, with west direction and low ash content. There have been no rains or ashfall in places near the volcano.




For the second consecutive year Ecuador has been ranked first among the countries considered "the best place for foreigners to live”, as reported by the Minister of Tourism, Sandra Naranjo, on Tuesday, August 25, through her Twitter account.




The main objective of the Press Trip was to discover Ecuador, a country rich in contrasts, biological, historical and cultural diversity in its four worlds: Coast, Andes, Amazon and Galapagos.




United Airlines, a USA Airline, plans to open two new frequencies on the Quito - Houston route, to meet the increasing demand of passengers who travel between the dates of December 18, 2015 to January 10, 2016.




Quito, (28/08/2015) Last Friday, August 14, a yellow alert was declared in the provinces of Cotopaxi, Tungurahua and Pichincha as a result of emissions of ash from the Cotopaxi volcano which occurred in the course of the last few hours prior this announcement.




The Galapagos Islands of Ecuador are among the Top 20 in the "Definitive Guide" published by the Lonely Planet Company. This guide will be available in October and aims to present the 500 best places to visit on Earth.