Macaws and parrots in the wild, toucans, owls, black caimans and many other species of mammals, reptiles and birds live in the Yaku Warmi forest. This community tourism project is located in the Martinique community on the east end of the province of Orellana, in Ecuador's Amazon.




The promotional video of the "All You Need Is Ecuador" campaign, 3'23" in length, won the award in the category of "Best Video of the Americas", within the contest of promotional videos, led by the World Trade Organization (UNWTO).




The Metropolitan District of Quito is an area that contains more than 16 types of habitats that are home to nearly 600 different bird species, according to Quito Turismo. 





The principal purposes of the familiarization trip that took place between August 29 and September 6 with representatives of international cruise lines were to discover Destination Ecuador, increase the number of landfalls per port, and increase the time spent by passengers arriving in the country via the cruise segment.




The Security Coordinating Minister, Cesar Navas, and the Minister of Tourism, Sandra Naranjo, met with the tourism sector in the province of Cotopaxi to discuss the situation being experienced by the Cotopaxi Volcano and, simultaneously, meet the needs of companies that have been affected by this natural phenomenon.




The XXIII Inter-American Congress of Ministers and High Authorities of Tourism, coordinated by the Organization of American States (OAS) was held on September 3 and 4 in Lima, Peru, where Ecuador was represented by the Minister of Tourism, Sandra Naranjo.



Quito, (18/09/2015). On this friday morning, the volcano remains cloudy and no ashfall is reported. The seismicity maintains in the same conditions as in the last 24 hours.




Quito, (17/09/2015). During last night, through satellite images, vapor and gas emissions were observed, with low ash content, in northwestern direction. This morning, the emission continued, with a height of 1,000 meters above the crater, in the same direction. No rain in the sector or ashfall were reported in nearby towns.




Quito, (16/09/2015). During the night it remained cloudy. But through satellite images, an emission of steam and gas was observed, with low ash content in west direction. In the early hours of the morning an emission that reached 200 meters above the crater level was observed with west direction. Seismicity ranges remains similar to previous days. Increasing tremors (volcanic vibration conduit through which fluids pass) emission evidence in this period. There have been no rains in the sector.




Quito, (15/09/2015). During the night, through satellite images, it was noted that the ash plume moved with west direction. On this Tuesday, the volcano dawned clear and vapor emissions were observed with low material content, not exceeding 500 meters above the crater, with west direction. The wind can resuspend the ash deposited in previous days and change the direction of the plume. No rains in the sector were registered.