The figures prove it: income from this activity in Ecuador continues to grow. During the last half of this year, it exceeded USD 770 million generated by foreign receptor tourism.

This October 6, the Ministry of Tourism released to media the "Xpedición Ecuador" project, which aims to motivate children to learn about their country.

The spot “Sombras” (Shadows), for the Ecuador Tourist Power National Campaign, won Gold in the "Inodoro Pereyra" Awards held in Rosario, Argentina. These awards were presented at the 2015 Independent Advertising Festival (FEPI). The spot was aired last May.

On Thursday, September 24, the NH Hotel Group officially announced the beginning of operations of the NH Collection Royal Quito. The group delivered a letter of intent to the Minister of Tourism, Sandra Naranjo, pledging to seek opportunities for the brand expansion and growth in the country. This event was attended by Gilles Gonzalez, Director General of NH Hotel Group for the Americas and the main authorities of the Ministry of Tourism.




After a memorable tour of Ecuador, the artists who participated in Feel Againmet with the media to share their amazing experiences while passing through the Andes, Pacific Coast, Amazon and Galapagos.



397 travel agents, tour operators and adventure journalists from the tourism sector attended the "Be an expert in Adventure" webinar. The seminar was given by experts hired by the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador. The objective was to train international tour operators on Adventure Tourism and thus, ensure the effective sale of Destination Ecuador.




In June of this year, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) received a group of tour operators and media to experience the diversity of Ecuador. Adventure Week Ecuador took participants from the Andes to the Amazon Rivers where they had the opportunity to go horseback riding, boating, mountain climbing, hiking, bird watching, sky biking, and attending cooking classes.

The beauty of the Amazon, its landscapes, rivers, flora, fauna and people are great attractions for tourism. For this reason, it receives domestic and foreign visitors looking for adventure and new experiences

On Tuesday, September 22, at the City Museum, Sandra Naranjo, Minister of Tourism, presented the country 18 artists invited to tour the four regions within the framework of the "Feel Again" campaign.


On Tuesday, September 22, the Minister of Tourism, Sandra Naranjo, presented to the country 18 artists from the United States, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom, who will tour the four worlds of Ecuador. The event was held at the City Museum. The artists will be divided into groups.