Quito is in second place among the Top 10 in the Best in Travel 2016 guide. The publication is part of the prestigious Lonely Planet organization. The capital city of Ecuador is the only Latin American city that is on the list.

Balance is a term that encompasses the main characteristics of sustainable tourism. Globally, this segment of tourism is booming due to strong pressures that human activities, such as tourism, have on ecosystems and communities. Ecuador, as a country which houses wonderful biological and cultural riches, has several options for sustainable tourism in its territory.

He has had a fond relationship with horses since he was a child, after competing in horse jump tournaments and travelling on the back of a horse from the north to the southern part of Ecuador, Gabriel Espinosa, an expert on equestrian tourism and owner of the La Alegría Farm, shared his horseback experiences and in a detailed manner explained to us why Ecuador is an excellent destination for this activity.

The 2015-2016 cruise season began in Ecuador, with the arrival of Ms Zaandam to Manta.

353 travel agents, tour operators and journalists attended the second version of the “Be an expert in Galapagos" webinar. 

One has to mount a horse and gallop to be able to understand the magical connection that takes place there.  

A rushing river with cold waters that descends from the Andes through an unbelievable array of green and foggy mountains in the higher zone, huge trees on the riversides, mammals, birds and insects that emit their characteristic sounds, a slight drizzle that gently falls on the Amazon jungles and a set of sensorial experiences all set the tone for the Adventure that is about to begin in Napo, a province of the Amazon region, in the home country of the four worlds: Ecuador.


Two videos produced by Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism won international awards. The first belongs to the "All You Need Is Ecuador" campaign, which won the award for "Best Video of the Americas", within the contest of promotional videos of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).


15 is the number of awards Ecuador obtained at the 2015 Latin America World Travel Awards (WTA). For the third consecutive year, the country of the four worlds was elected as South America’s Leading Green Destination, while Quito was recognized as Leading Destination in the region. The World Travel Awards are the most important in the region, also known as the Tourism Oscars.  


Travelers can feel again peace, love, adrenaline, freedom and curiosity in the magical land of the four worlds: Ecuador. These and many other emotions are the ones Ecuador invites visitors to experience in the Amazon, Andes, Pacific Coast and Galapagos. After a wonderful tour around Ecuador, 18 international contemporary artists shared the feelings they experienced.