September & October 1835. The fields of evolution and natural selection will always be associated to Charles Darwin, and more so when we say that the Galapagos Islands are a living laboratory of evolution. However, there’s a fascinating field of analysis happening between the Galapagos and Charles Darwin: the power of observation. Although the intensity of this power varies from person to person, it is that same power that enabled Darwin to observe things beyond the “normal” retina. 

The observation of indigenous expressions such as shamanism and other possibilities that the intercultural tourism has to offer enables the traveler to go deeper into the traditions and knowledge that have accompanied these communities from ancient times, to the native communities from South America, and more specifically from the Ecuadorian Andes, Pacific Coast and Amazon. 

Oswaldo Guayasamin was an Ecuadorian painter, icon of Latin America and therefore recognized worldwide for his capacity to communicate the history of miscegenation and feeling of his people.

Spiciness in sauces. Spiciness with tropical fruits. Spiciness in desserts and ice creams. Ranges of red and green, shapes of chilies, elongated, round and oval. The Ecuadorian Ají breaks any preconceptions of the traditional spicy taste of hot sauces, and although it is related to other chilly spices, its ancient amazon origin and its use, distinguishes the Ecuadorian Aji as a companion for main courses and sweet flavors.