The Republic of Ecuador is located in South America and it is bordered to the north by Colombia and to the south by Peru. It has four regions perfectly marked by their nature, climate and geography: Galapagos, Pacific Coast, Andes and Amazon, so we call it the country of the Four Worlds.


Initially, Ecuador was called Real Audiencia of Quito; it was part of the Gran Colombia, with Venezuela and Colombia. Its name was officially adopted by the First Constituent on August 14, 1830, sometime after its separation from the Gran Colombia.


As background information, one of the historical events that influenced in choosing the country’s name were the texts disseminated in the play "Secret News of America", published by Antonio de Ulloa and Jorge Juan, members of the French Geodesic Mission also composed by the wise men La Condamine, Bouguer, Godin and Seniergues, who were in the country in 1736 to investigate and measure the meridian arc. In the aforementioned review, they referred to this area as "the Land of Ecuador", tacitly omitting the name known until then as Presidency or Royal Audience of Quito.


Therefore, Ecuador's name comes from the fact that this part of the world is crossed by the Equator, an imaginary line that divides the world into two equal parts called northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere.


The word Ecuador comes from the, Latin word aequator (the one that equals). It marks the middle of the world, something that historically produced confusion in its origin, location and identity. These problems have been overcome through the years. Ecuador writes its history with its own name, presence, identity, influence, culture, tourism, politics, an entrepreneurial population, with wide recognition in the world.


The Latitude of Ecuador is 0. During the equinox, the sun is high at noon. Ecuador has a high brightness. However, thanks to its bountiful nature it is not an eminently tropical country. The Amazon Regions is warm, humid and rainy. The Andes experience cold temperatures due to their different ecological zones; it has glacier temperatures at the height of its mountains that reach the cities, valleys and plateaus with warmer climates. The Pacific Coast is tropical like the Galapagos, exce­­pt that in the latter, its higher zones are relatively cool (about 10 degrees Celsius).


Due to its geographical structure and location, there are no clearly defined seasons in Ecuador as in other parts of the world. In general, in much of the territory one can talk about the presence of spring weather throughout the year. Its temperature ranges between X °C and X°C. The temperature biodiversity and altitudes make this country one of the mega-diverse ones in the world. Its luminosity contributes to the production of the widest variety of brightly colored flowers and their growth and development is done in shorter cycles. This is why Ecuadorian flowers are one of the most prized in the world.


The monument to the Equator is located north of Quito, 15 kilometers away in the San Antonio Parish.  The parallels are graphically defined and visitors can place one leg on the northern hemisphere and the other on the southern hemisphere. One of the things that surprise visitors is that there is no presence of shade, due to the verticality of the sun rays.


Ecuador atmospheric pressure is lower because the air density varies according to the altitude where the territory is located. This is why there is the scientifically unsubstantiated belief that bodies weigh less in the middle of world. The real issue is that the density of the atmospheric pressure directly influences the gravity of the bodies or of mass in general.


These aspects are a special attraction for tourists visiting Ecuador. A sought visit is to go to the monument and to the Middle of the World City. Among the curiosities that can be seen and that support the issues already mentioned is when a visitor may take part in some experiments, for example, to prove that when weighed in a scale, his weight is lower. But this does not mean he has "lost weight"; however, it is a pleasant illusion. Also, it is interesting to watch when certain products can stand upright without gravity forcing them to fall either side. One example of this is an egg.


Ecuador, a country of the four worlds, all in one place, in a few hours and in very short distances one can experience all types of climates and an extremely varied fauna and flora. It is a modern country with the services and opportunities that the most demanding tourist may require and that is accompanied by its great cultural and historical wealth. Conservation is a policy impregnated in its people and in the State policies, facts that are recognized and increasingly widespread thanks to the awards that year after year the country wins primarily due to the actions promoted by the management of officials engaged  in the industry, by specialized media and tourism businesses that present this destination as a tourist option.


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