Within the Economic Development Strategy, Ecuador aims to position itself as a destination of touristic inversion through an initiative to attract big business and support the development of the sector.

There is an investment of $211 million USD in first class hotels and accommodations, as part of the ‘First Stone’ plan, which counts with ten touristic projects. These type of projects generate the capacity to receive global tourism, development, opportunities, employment as well as allow new companies to feel safe to invest in Ecuador.



Some of the investment projects that will begin this year are:


Project Investment Province
Proyecto Karibao (Primera Etapa) USD 80 million Guayas
Las Olas (Primera Etapa) USD 50 million Manabí
Best Western Sail Plaza Manta USD 20 million Manabí
Montecristi Golf Club & Villas USD 20 million Manabí
Gran Cóndor Hotel Quito USD 17 million Pichincha
Grupo Accor USD 10 million Pichincha y Guayas
Swissotel Guayaquil USD 5 million Guayas
Hotel Playa Paraíso USD 3.5 million Guayas
Hacienda Yakana USD 3 millones Azuay
Hotel Parque Histórico (Oro Verde) USD 2.5 millones  Guayas



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