The International Campaign All You Need is Ecuador crossed borders and reached more than 450 million people all over the world, positioning Ecuador as a touristic destination in an international scale.

A total of 620.958 foreign tourists visited Ecuador between January and May of 2014, which represents a growth of 16,3% in comparison with the same period in 2013. 

This campaign, which promotes Ecuador, was launched April 1st and in little over three months it has had a high global impact reaching record numbers in the growth of tourism in the country. On June 11 this effort was completed by the launch of the second phase of the campaign which is aimed at the international tour operators.

The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador intends to make the tourism sector the third source of non-oil revenue by the end of the year and reach the first place by 2017. The country’s annual revenue from tourism is of $1.200 million USD and in 2014 it’s expected to exceed $1.500 million USD.

Additionally, the Investour project was created in order to support tourism growth in Ecuador, which aims to achieve a broad construction of tourism infrastructure through private, national and foreign inversion.

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