At an altitude of 1826 meters above sea level and 165 km south of Quito, a natural Eden called Baños de Agua Santa is awaiting for you.

This city of 20 000 people was founded on the slopes of the volcano Tungurahua, which bears the same name of the province in which it stands and means Throat of Fire in Quechua. To know this city, described many times as the entrance to the Ecuadorian Amazon, is to be in front of a true wall of volcanic nature since Tungurahua rises up to 5016 meters above sea level in front of the city.

The climate is humid and very pleasant with a temperature around 20° C. The main attractions of the city are the thermal springs, heated by the volcano, in which you can take hot and healthy baths. The city has a great number of spas where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation.

In the surroundings of the volcano, also called the Black Giant, you can take part in various adventure sports like kayaking, rafting, climbing, canyoning, canopy, trekking, mountain biking or bungee jumping. Also, the Road of the Waterfalls across which exotic landscapes can be witnessed, two natural parks, the Sangay and the Llanganates, accompany this natural oasis where you can chose between adventure and relaxation.


Article by: Polo Vaca

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