There is no doubt that Ecuador has strengthened economically in recent years thanks to the tourism sector; this was confirmed in 2014 when 1,086.5 million USD were recorded from tourism.


In fact, the number of international tourist arrivals last year was 1,557,006 people (192,944 more visitors than in 2013). Of these, 67% arrived by air and 29% by land; geographically, 58% of these visitors came from South America, Central America and the Caribbean and 16% were visitors from the European market. Additionally, in 2014 the five main tourism markets, those where the highest number of arrivals to the country originated, were Colombia (24%), the United States (17%), Peru (11%), and Spain (4.3 %). In December, the arrival of travelers to the country increased by 14% compared to December 2013. Also, January 2015 recorded an increase of 11% compared to January of last year.


The numbers show the growth of this sector at all levels. Indeed, the improvement of tourist infrastructure is a priority for the government and currently there are 21 hotel projects with a total investment of USD 650 million. Half of these projects will begin in the second half of 2015 with hotel chains with renowned names, like Holiday Inn, Ibis and Wyndham. These initiatives will allow improving and expanding accommodation places for visitors arriving to the country.


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