The Ministry of Tourism participated in the new edition of the conference organized by the United States Association of Tour Operators (USTOA), held from December 4 to 7 in Boca Raton, Florida.


This event is considered the most important one for tour operators in the North American market. The Ecuadorian delegation, headed by the Minister of Tourism, Sandra Naranjo, participated with the objective of highlighting the country’s varied and exquisite gastronomy, encourage tour operators to include the destination Ecuador in their offer and, additionally, distribute informational material.


Among the tight agenda developed, a highlight was the lunch offered by the Ministry of Tourism to the main tour operators. New products were presented and alliances with wholesalers and airlines were sought. The delicious menu included: Amanecer Andino (Andean Sunrise, a typical drink), Locro de Papas (traditional potato soup of the Ecuadorian Andes), Encocado Fish (main course made of fish in coconut sauce, representative of the coast), and finally a sweet and aromatic crepe made with Ecuadorian chocolate and bananas.


In another area of the fair called "World Fest", the Ecuadorian stand offered refreshing guanabana (soursop) and tomate de árbol (tree tomato) paila ice cream, ceviche made with chocho (lupines), and a nutritious “quinoto”, a quinua and mushrooms dish. All the food offered in USTOA was prepared under the direction of chef Roque Miño.


In this annual event, the State Department held a series of meetings with members of USTOA to strengthen the image of the Ministry of Tourism as an institution that supports the worldwide development of this sector.


The Promotion Vice Minister, Dominic Hamilton, Markets Undersecretary, Cristina Rivadeneira, and Markets Coordinator, Maria Alexandra Ordonez, were also part of the Ecuadorian delegation.

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