Connectivity is one of the main tourism axis”. Thus was assured by Minister of Tourism Sandra Naranjo in forums, events and encounters with different professional and social areas held with the purpose of improving air, sea and terrestrial transportation with touristic ends in order to link the destination Ecuador with strategic markets.


Under this premise public and private airlines where called to develop programs that involve the citizens and industry’s representatives to work together in order to make it possible for the connectivity that is offered to the tourist to meet the necessity and expectations of the passengers.


With these concepts, since 2013, meetings with airlines and airports have been promoted. Airlines that do not operate in Ecuador have been informed about incentives they will be given if they open new routes to the country. And the airlines that already operate in Ecuador have been notified about incentives given to those who offer more frequencies.


Important Airlines such as British Airways, American Airlines, Iberia and United Airlines were present at these meetings, as well as many other new international airlines in order to motivate the aperture of routes from and to Ecuador. Meetings with airports such as Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport and Los Angeles/San Bernardino International Airport have been held.


Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism participated in the world air connectivity specialized fair, World Routes 2014, in Chicago, United States. One of the main presentation cards are the new airports located in the main cities of Ecuador’s four regions, which count with new installations where comfort, services and passenger wealth prevails.



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