On June 14th Ecuador received the Pure Life Experiences Team, made up by Serge Dive, CEO, CJ Holdem, Marketing Director, and Emma Squire, Pure Events Manager. A FAM trip took place until June 20th, 2015.



This visit intended to promote Ecuador internationally as a luxury tourist destination. It also seeked to position the country among the most prominent destinations promoted and to be considered host of one of the events organized by Pure. In order to do so, it was necessary to show the benefits Ecuador has regarding its diversity of products and the quality of its service. The places visited were: the Zuleta Hacienda, Mashpi Lodge, Cotopaxi Pungo, theSan Agustin de Callo Hacienda, Pikaia Lodge, among the main ones.


Currently, Ecuador is promoting its four worlds in Pure Life Experiences in Marrakech, the most prestigious tourism event in the world. Together with over 10 Ecuadorian tour operators, including Ecuador's Cruise train, Mashpi Lodge, Pikaia Lodge, Metropolitan Touring, the Ministry of Tourism seeks to build new business alliances and position Ecuador as a World Class Destination. 


This viedo was shown for the first time on November 10th, after a lunch offered by Ecuador at The Social, in Pure Life Experiences.



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