Ecuador cocoa was internationally recognized within the framework of the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, France. The event took place between October 28 and November 1, 2015. On the night of Wednesday 28 the International Cocoa Awards (ICA) were given.


50 cocoa samples were chosen out of a total of 146 from 35 producing countries. From this selection, 17 were awarded by a prestigious panel of experts, composed of large chocolatiers and globally renowned cocoa specialists, according to information collected by the representation of PROECUADOR in France


Ecuador, one of the largest producers of the raw material for chocolate, was awarded for the excellent quality of the cocoa produced in its rich territory. The "Alicia Villacis Encalada" and "La Fortaleza Agricultural Association" plantations won the International Cocoa Awards.


Additionally, the Vinces Association of Organic Producers (COFINA) and Vicente Norero, received a certificate for the quality and diversity of their cocoa. The information was provided by Valeria Escudero, Director of PROECUADOR Commercial Office in Paris


PROECUADOR, through its Commercial Office in Paris, was present at the Salon du Chocolat with a stand. There, the Ecuadorian companies coordinated meetings and actions to be taken with cocoa importers. Also, there they could discover the latest trends and innovations in this exciting sector of the economy.

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