The four worlds of Ecuador: Coast, Andes, Amazon and Galapagos were promoted at the World Travel Market (WTM) in London. This is a leader event in the global tourism industry, which took place between November 2 and 5, 2015.


On Monday morning, Dominic Hamilton, Deputy Minister of Tourism, opened the Ecuadorian stand. The theme focused on one of the country’s flagship products: chocolate. With the best presentation, aroma and taste, the stand offered a unique experience that awakened the senses of those who attended this important international fair.


The Ecuadorian delegation was formed by representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and 28 Ecuadorian tourism entrepreneurs, among which are:


-          Tropic Journeys in Nature,

-          Andean Travel Company,

-          Galacruises Expeditions,

-          Gulliver Expeditions,

-          Advantage Travel,

-          Royal Galapagos,

-          Surtrek Tour Operator,

-          Napo Wildlife Center,

-          Sacha Lodge,

-          Haugan Cruises

-          Metropolitan Touring

-          Go Galapagos

-          Latin Trails

-          Pure Ecuador

-          Unigalapagos

-          Nemo Galapagos

-          Tip Top Travel

-          Galapagos Experience

-          Andando Tours

-          Palace Hotel, Guayaquil

-          Enchanted Expeditions

-          Senderos Naturales

-          Surpass Travel

-          Tren Ecuador

-          Wyndham Hotel, Guayaquil

-          Quito Turismo


Each operator promoted spectacular and high quality products as well as the destinations offered by the country of the four worlds.

Exquisite Ecuadorian chocolate was offered, and also the artist Betoben Rivera, who uses a fingerprint technique and who amazed the audience with his traditional Diablo Huma attire, elaborated extraordinary paintings in real time.


In his Twitter account, Hollie-Rae Merrick, Deputy Editor of the London-based Travel Weekly magazine, highlighted the excellent idea of Ecuador for choosing chocolate as its protagonist in WTM. Furthermore, Chocablog, a website specialized in chocolate, highlighted the creativity and innovation of Ecuador at the fair.


The press conference, "Ecuador, land of chocolate", took place the first day in the afternoon with the participation of 80 of the major media in the United Kingdom, special guests and tour operators. During his speech, Deputy Minister Hamilton highlighted the tourism potential that Ecuador has in its four regions and prompted the world to visit this wonderful country that has it all and everything so close.


In addition, our Twitter account @EcuaTravelTrade was recognized in WTM as "Top Tweeter". Similarly, Ecuadorian chocolate was the trending topic during the first two days of the fair


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