Comfort, Safety and Connection

The range of tourism offerings in Ecuador provides all facilities to both the traveller and tourism operators. One of the main pillars to this end is connectivity. Thus, the new Mariscal Sucre International Airport, located in the parish of Tababela, offers important conditions for airline route planners to consider the country as a new touristic destination where they can operate or increase existing flights.

Located only 55 minutes from Quito, the airport has transformed from being just a terminal to becoming the heart of growing airport city, planned to provide better and greater services to passengers, users and employees. Currently, it has a modern radio navigation system for arrival and departure of aircraft, and the passenger terminal is undergoing expansion.

Tourism infrastructure is expansive in many locations. In Cotopaxi for example, those who like nature at its purest can enjoy a first row seat on the banks of Quilotoa Lake, which is located in a volcanic crater covering 3 kilometers. Those who visit the lake do not pass up the opportunity to descend the crater and approach its turquoise-colored waters. Nevertheless, this natural formation can also be observed from privileged spots.

These include two lookout posts, built especially for those that love scenery. Strategically located on the southern and western sides of the volcano, the Quilotoa and Shalalá Overlooks offer special features. Quilotoa allows observers to enjoy the lake even when there are groups there. Shalalá has glass panels that help visitors see the lower region of the lake from above. Because of their strategic location, restaurants and lodging options are located in the surrounding area, for those who wish to spend more time in the area. There are also forest trails and camping sites.

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