With its campaign “ALL YOU NEED IS ECUADOR” the country prepares to reach the international market.

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism, as part of its overall strategy and inspiration to promote Ecuador as a potential for tourism, will launch the communication and specialization campaign on June 11th, focused on international tourism business. This initiative will reach more than 10,000 specialized wholesalers and travel agents in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America, in five different languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and German. Thus, the initiative that was already presented to travelers on April 1st will be complemented with a proposal for connecting with international tourism industry agents to increase ECUADOR’s tourism offering.

Ecuador will position itself within the tourism sector through various media outlets: the bimonthly magazine “All you need is Ecuador”, the bimonthly Newsletter, and the webpage www.allyouneedisecuador.travel/trade, providing all the important and relevant information to promote Ecuador around the world. Travel agents will have access to E-learning and will know how to sell Ecuador, understanding technical and important data for a professional and effective sale. Additionally, online seminars will also be available, providing any information of interest, in addition to Webinars, a real-time experience that will be held every two months from different tourism destinations throughout the “4 Worlds”: Pacific Coast, Andes, Amazon and Galapagos.

To become an expert on Ecuador sign up at AllyouNeedisEcuador.Travel/Trade

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